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Font image generation tool

Originally in Chinese, this translation has been added. This is a good guide to using the font generator tool.


  orxFontGen.exe -s "font size" -f "font file name" -o "Generate object name" -t "all the text entered" 

I first save the above text as a file, named toolHistory.txt here (note that the saved text must be encoded using utf-8, which can be done with tools such as notepad ++ or ultraEditor.

Copy it to the directory where the tool is located, then copy the font file msyh.ttf (from the windows / fonts directory) to the directory where the tool is located. I want to name the generated object msyhFont, so I used the following command Executive Tools:

  orxFontGen.exe -s 32 -f msyh.ttf -o msyhFont -t toolHistory.txt

Then we get two things: one of them, a 4 channel tga file. Second, a configuration similar to Orx below.

CharacterList = "() / 27IOU_abcdefimnoprstuwxy.

The United States can apply to the United States since the test was able to make mistakes despite the words to be allowed to speak the language of the language:

CharacterSize = (32, 32, 0) 
Texture = msyhFont.tga

Orx iPhone version is not supported to load tga files, so you need to manually convert the file to png (PS, gimp or similar graphics tools ).


orxFontGen.exe -s “字体大小” -f “字体文件名” -o “生成对象名“ -t “输入的所有文字” 比如,我希望使用微软雅黑,来完成一段文字的处理及图片的生成。我首先将上述文字保存成一个文件,这里命名为toolHistroy.txt,(需要特别注意的是,保存的文字一定要用utf-8进行编码,这点可以用notepad++或者ultraEditor之类的工具进行。并将其拷贝到工具所在的目录。然后将微软雅黑的字体文件msyh.ttf(从windows/fonts目录)拷贝到工具所在的目录。我希望将生成的对象命名为msyhFont,于是,我用下列命令执行工具: orxFontGen.exe -s 32 -f msyh.ttf -o msyhFont -t toolHistory.txt

然后,我们得到两个东西,其一,4通道的tga文件。 其二,一段类似于下面的Orx的配置。 [msyhFont] CharacterList = ” ()/27IOU_abcdefimnoprstuwxy。一丁上不且世两个中为么义之也了事二于些产人什仅从他以件任会似但体何余作使候借假入其具写决况几利到刻前功加勤半单印历原又受只可史吧周命和善因国图在填复多够大天奋好如始字完定实害家导将尔尝就工己已常应度开引强当很忙怒恼情憾戏成我或所才找拉拥拼持换擎支改效数整文新早时是显晚更最有服末本杂来果标样欧款正此比没洲测深添游源炫点然片版特现理甚生用界白的目直着知码碰示移稳空符第简类系经络绝编网美考者而能自至致英蒙虑虽补被言让许试话该语说谁象越足身转软较迁过还这连道遗那都酷鉴问间难非题高(),“ CharacterSize = (32, 32, 0) Texture = msyhFont.tga

需要特别注意的是,到目前位置(2010年8月26日),orx的iPhone版本是不支持载入tga文件的,所以需要手工将文件转换成png(用PS,gimp或者类似的图形处理工具)。作者说正要处理此事。 不知道怎么使用配置和字体图片文件的,可以参考 原来的教程 更详细的内容可以参考 这里

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