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Common Release Checklist

Further to the two release guides: Preparing for a release under Windows and Preparing for a release under MacOSX, there are a number of additional tips to help make a good release for your game.

1. Stripping Binaries

A way to shave down the size of your packages binaries is to strip them. This means removing any debug code in the Orx library, and your game. You can remove around 6MB off the orx.dll and more again from your own .exe file.

To do this, edit the release version of the orxLIB project, and add the -s option to your Linker Options. Also do this to your own project too.

This step may not be necessary for all compilers.

2. Packing Assets

There are two main ways to consider packing your assets.

The newest way is to use the Bundle Extension. You can learn more about that in the following video:

The previous method is to pack all your assets down into a single zip file. You can use the orxArchive.c file to do this. There is a google post demonstrating how to do this. However consider if your game being distributed with zip files could trigger virus checkers and hosting platforms.

3. Disabling the Orx Console

Always a good idea to disable the Orx Console window in your application, as this is a debug tool only. This can be easily done by adding the following to your release mode data config:

ToggleKey =

4. Encrypting High scores and other Data

There is a good guide to help you achieve this at: Config encryption

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