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orxSTRINGs, strings and chars

Orx has orxSTRINGs and a nice bunch of functions for performing all sorts of string tricks. Lots of orx functions require an orxSTRING type as a parameter, and so it's important to know how to get other string types like char arrays and STL strings (std::string) into orxSTRING format.

char[] to orxSTRING

	char someCharArray[] = "Honey Bees";
	orxSTRING anOrxString = someCharArray;

std::string to orxSTRING

	std::string pieceOfString = "Honey Bees";
	orxSTRING anOrxString = (orxCHAR*)pieceOfString.c_str();

std::stringstream to orxSTRING

	std::stringstream aStringStream;
	aStringStream << "Letters " << 1 << " and numbers " << 999;
	std::string pieceOfString = aStringStream.str();
	orxSTRING anOrxString = (orxCHAR*)pieceOfString.c_str();

orxSTRING to std::string

	const orxSTRING orxStr = orxObject_GetName(someObject);
	std::string pieceOfString = orxStr;

Conversion isn't always necessary, but sometimes you do need to. So this is a handy reference to keep around.

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