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Building the Orx library on Linux with Codelite

You can use Codelite on Linux in order to build the Orx library. I will assume that you have covered the step at Cloning Orx from Github. If not, please do that to ensure you have Orx.

Downloading Codelite for Linux

If you don't have Codelite yet, you can download from here:

Use Codelite to open the Orx workspace at orx/code/build/linux/codelite:

Build the default config of Debug and 64-bit by selecting the Build Workspace menu from the Build menu.

Confirm the output pane of the build to ensure everything built correctly.

Now to change from the Debug_x64 build to the Profile_x64 build on the Workspace tab:

Then build again:

Finally, switch to the Release_x64 configuration and build again.

Finding the Orx libraries

These are saved to the orx/code/lib/dynamic folder.

Open a terminal window and cd to the above folder, or use a file manager.

You can see the, and the versions.

Well done. You have compiled the Orx library which can now be used in your own game projects.

Now we are ready to make a game project of our own.

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