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The Clipboard

Orx now supports clipboards! We can demonstrate this by allowing the user to paste in some text, and have the text replace a text object. First there's a little setup.

Start by using init to create a default project.

Next, define the Control-V key which is the usual for paste, except in the case of Mac OS X:

KEY_LCTRL   = Paste
KEY_V       = Paste
CombineList = Paste

To make it more interesting, let's change the default object into a text object which we will update with text from the clipboard.

Change the [Object] in the config to be a text object:

Graphic         = TextGraphic
Pivot           = center
Scale           = 1
Position        = (-90, -30, 0)
Text = Sentence
String = "Paste into this window."

Set the object variable and the top of the code:

orxOBJECT *object;

Then assign to the object variable in the init() function:

object = orxObject_CreateFromConfig("Object");

Compile and run, and you'll have a window with a text object like this:

In the Run() function (or an update function), check for the Control and V keys, call a get from the clipboard, and send the output to the text object:

if (orxInput_HasBeenActivated("Paste")){
	const orxSTRING clipboardText = orxSystem_GetClipboard();
	orxObject_SetTextString(object, clipboardText);

Compile and run. Go to a text editor and copy some text with Control-C into the system clipboard.

Come back to the Orx game window and press Control-V. The object will take the text from your clipboard. Nice!

If you attempt copy and paste a file, a bitmap, or any other non-textual information into Orx, the clipboard will contain orxNULL.

You can also send copied text back into the clipboard. First, set up the keybinding:

KEY_LCTRL   = Copy # Paste
KEY_C       = Copy
KEY_V       = Paste
CombineList = Copy # Paste

In the Run() function (or an update function), set the clipboard text with:

if (orxInput_HasBeenActivated("Copy")){
	const orxSTRING clipboardText = "Hello from Orx.";

Compile and run. Press Control-C to set the clipboard with the “Hello from Orx.” text. Now paste into a text editor to get the text from the clipboard:

You can also work with the clipboard in the Orx Console. Go to a text editor and copy some text. Go back your Orx application and open the console. Enter:


: Hello from outside of Orx

From here you can set the clipboard text with:

Clipboard.Set “Hello from Orx”

: true

Note that quotes are needed when there is whitespace in the text.

Now paste the text into a text editor.

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