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Custom Console Colors

The console mode is available in all Orx based applications. And it can be customized. The default Console looks like this:

The entire set of properties available for the console are listed at: Render Config Properties.

For convenience, they are listed (named like Console*) below as:

ShowFPS = <bool>
ShowProfiler = <bool>
ProfilerOrientation = portrait | landscape
ConsoleBackgroundColor = <vector>
ConsoleBackgroundAlpha = <float>
ConsoleSeparatorColor = <vector>
ConsoleSeparatorAlpha = <float>
ConsoleLogColor = <vector>
ConsoleLogAlpha = <float>
ConsoleInputColor = <vector>
ConsoleInputAlpha = <float>
ConsoleCompletionColor = <vector>
ConsoleCompletionAlpha = <float>
ConsoleFontScale = <float>

The following customized Console should easily illustrate which property changes which element within the Console:

And that's it. Super simple to change the console coloring.

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