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Which Android Port should you use?

This document is no longer used and will be removed. There is only the one port of Android now, which is great news!

There are two ports of Orx on Android that are available for developers:

  • Native
  • Non-Native

Native does not refer to the use of the NDK and C++ code. In that sense, both of the ports are native.

Native refers to NativeActivity, how the draw surface is laid out.

The differences are:


  • You cannot install your own custom layout
  • No support for banner ads
  • Cannot use the virtual keyboard


  • You can install your own custom layout
  • Support for banner ads
  • Can use the virtual keyboard

In the Orx project file tree, there are both Android and Android-Native versions of:

  1. The Orx Library for Android orx/code/build/android and orx/code/build/android-native
  2. The Android demo: orx/code/demo/android and orx/code/demo/android-native

For any instructions regarding building the android or android demo, if you want to build the android-native version, just substitute: android for android-native. The method to set up either is the same.

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