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 This guide is based on Android Studio 3.1.3 and NDK version r17b.

Getting Android Studio and the NDK

You will need to install the latest Android Studio from here: Warning though, Android Studio is 887MB.

Once installed, and Android Studio runs for the first time, it will download a whole lot of SDK stuff for you. This will take time because it is another huge download time (yet, it's automatic).

Install the NDK from:

If your NDK was packaged as an installer, the environment variable would have been set. If not, set one in the PATH variable to point to folder where the ndk-build command is located.

Getting the Orx repository

In order to develop orx games and application for Android you need to clone the orx repo. Following the Cloning Orx from Github and Initial Setup article first, so that you can get Orx setup and ready to be compiled. Then head back to here once done.

What's in the Orx repository?

There are two important things provided in Orx repository:

  1. The Orx library for Android (we can also compile this ourselves, even though one is supplied pre-compiled)
  2. The Android Demo Project

The Orx library will need to be compiled for Android so that it can be used in other projects (like yours). The Android Demo will serve as a project template for your own project.

Let's do that now.

You can now move to the next step: Compiling orx and the Android demo for compiling orx, and testing if the demo project compiles and works on your device.

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