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 ===== Default Project ===== ===== Default Project =====
-Create a project using [[tutorials:​creating_your_own_project|Orx'​s init script]].+Create a project using [[en:tutorials:​creating_your_own_project|Orx'​s init script]].
 ===== Demo music for download ===== ===== Demo music for download =====
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 </​code>​ </​code>​
-Then, to set the bus volume (if you used the [[tutorials:​guide_to_the_orx_console|Orx console]]):+Then, to set the bus volume (if you used the [[en:tutorials:​guide_to_the_orx_console|Orx console]]):
 ''​Sound.SetBusVolume sfx 0.4''​ ''​Sound.SetBusVolume sfx 0.4''​
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