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Text Animation

Not only can the animation system work with graphics and frames, it can also animate text strings.

Think “Ready Set Go” in racing games or animated text in console games (rogue-likes!).

To start this tutorial, let's create a blank project using the init script.

In the config file, remove the default [Object] section and everything below it.

Paste in the new CountDown object and animation set:

AnimationSet  = CountDownAnimationSet
Pivot         = center
Text          = @		; Look in the current section for Text properties, like String. (But no string defined, so starts blank)
StartAnim     = Ready
Ready         = 0
Count         = 0		;Count animation uses 0, meaning as many frames as defined in config by convention: Count1, Count2, etc.
Go            = 0
Ready->       = Count
Count->       = Go

In the code, change the default Object creation to our CountDown object:


If you're not familiar with the animation system, be sure to have a look at the Animation Walk-through.

To explain the above, we start with an object called CountDown. The object is empty and only has an animation set which will perform changes on itself.

In the animation set, there are three animation names defined:

  • Ready
  • Count
  • Go

In addition to defining the animation names, we show what happens when one animation ends and where another begins. Ready is first, second is Count, and finally Go which loops forever.

Now to make the animation frames and timings using numbered convention:

String        = READY!
KeyDuration   = 2
KeyDuration   = 0.5
String        = 3
String        = 2
String        = 1
KeyDuration   = 0.25
String        = GO
String        = >GO<
String        = >>GO<<
String        = >>>GO<<<
String        = >>GO<<
String        = >GO<

To explain the above, Ready1 is the first frame of Ready. It is held for 2 seconds, and shows READY! during that time.

Once expired, it moves to Count1 to Count3, using Count to get common properties like the duration of each frame.

Finally the Go animation plays.

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