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Orx Timeline and Timeline Track Structures

The following is simply from CreationTemplate.ini:

[Float] = "Your timeline event text here" | "Your command"; NB: Float is a time in second (>= 0) 
;  after which this timeline event is going to be triggered; If the event is a valid command 
;  it'll get executed by the command module;
Loop = true|false;
Immediate = true|false; NB: If true, track will be executed immediately after being added to a timeline as opposed to during the next object update. Defaults to false;
KeepInCache = true|false; NB: If true, the timeline track will always stay in cache, 
;  even if no track of this type is currently in use. Can save time but costs memory. Defaults to false;

Latest config settings for the Development Version

We endeavor to keep the config properties on this page up to date as often as possible. For up to the minute config information for the latest version of Orx, check the most recent published at:

CreationTemplate.ini and


Additionally these files can be found under your orx source tree in the orx/code/bin folder.

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