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Part 4 – A tour of an Orx project

Let’s take a close look at all the parts of an Orx project and see how it all fits together, from the code to the building, the executing and the configuration files.


The source of your program is located in the src/ folder.


The resulting executable is built and sent to the bin/ folder. If your project was called MyGame, the resulting executable would be MyGame.exe in Windows or MyGame on Linux or Mac.

Config File

When the executable is run, it looks for a matching *.ini file. If your executable was called MyGame.exe, it would load and process the MyGame.ini file. If your executable was called Project.exe, it would load and process the Project.ini file.

Now that you know all that, it is time to start working on our game.

Next: Beginning with the viewport and the camera.

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