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JTianLing's tutorials / 九天(JTianLing)的教程首页

JTianLing tutorial's link to this page. Originally this was a chinese-only page. English translations are added. In addition, there are now english google translated links for all the external chinese tutorials. Some of these are now getting old, but there might be some handy tips available.

本教程由JTianLing所写,首先发布在其博客上,由于才疏学浅,不保证完全正确,仅供参考。 主要的想法是通过实际做一个游戏来大概的介绍Orx整体的使用情况,推荐在看完官方教程后再看。目前做的游戏是打砖块游戏(BreakOut)。

Written by JTianLing, this tutorial was first posted on my blog, and as a result of beginner knowledge, it is not guaranteed to be entirely correct and is provided for informational purposes only. The main idea is to make a general introduction to the overall use of Orx by actually making a game, which is recommended after reading the official tutorial. The current game is an Arkanoid style game (BreakOut).

Tutorial links / 教程链接

由于原作图片较多,而且使用Google Doc完成的,再次用WIKI的格式发布太过繁琐,所以以下提供的都是站外链接,见谅。

Adding tutorials to this wiki was too cumbersome for me, so the following are provided as external links to my blog. I hope you don't mind.

Source code reading analysis / 源代码阅读分析

Other articles / 独立篇

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